Yagya is vedic technology to bring peace
to the planetary & individual
spheres of existence. It promotes well being
in every area of life by operating on the level of the planets: the roots of life.

I had reached a very hard stage in my life.
I had suffered loss of my job,
followed by the death of my brother-law-in,
followed three months later by the death of my younger brother,
followed by a breakdown in my relationship.
I needed to move to another state to attend to my brother's affair's.
This was all too much grief and loss. I was floundering, sad and unable to function.
I contacted Ganesh to see what was happening in my chart and how long this period was to last.
Unfortunately this stage was to continue for another few months and was to become worse.
He suggested a Yagya for me. He gave me the dates and instructions as to what I should do during the yagya. He told me that to some degree the future would need to unfold, but the yagya would ease the burden and allow me to deal with the problems calmly and with dignity.
During the eight days of the yagya, at first I felt quite ill, this passed and I began to feel quieter and slowly I felt the life return to me. I began to feel very peaceful and could see very clearly my direction and position in life. I do not ever remember feeling as positive and calm as I have since the Yagya has been completed.
It is now almost 2 weeks, and I have had the usual low days, but have felt at peace with myself and the low times have paled in insignificance.
Thank you Ganesh, Barbara, Australia

Dear Ganesh,

I don't know how much to thank you for helping me in my emotional and spiritual healing with the Yagya which you organized for me since Monday.

Since early February I have been suffering from personal attack by peers, public humiliation and embarrassment for absolutely no reason that I could see. I felt like my Committee was against me and did everything to put me down. I felt bullied, betrayed and unjustly blamed for things I hadn't even done. Everything I did was turning into negative and hurt for me. I was blessed to have my family beside me who never lost faith in me and supported me all the way. However, this didn't discount the fear, anxiety and sick feeling in the gut which I got every time I had to meet up with the Committee members on a weekly basis. I would dread these meetings and fear what each one would bring. Undoubtedly each one did bring more and more emotional pain.

This is why I sought you out Ganesh because I knew that something must have been going in with the stars. I felt that there was some negative energy that was falling over me and I knew that you would have an explanation, as you indeed did. Everything that I tried to do to protect myself (thinking of a mirror image to reflect the bad back, wearing protective Essential Oils, praying..) and to help the situation, would not help or ease it. Even when I tried to do a good thing to praise the Committee for their hard work, they turned it around and made it look like I was doing it for self glory rather than to thank and appreciate them.

Amazingly since around 11.00am yesterday (Monday) and the Yagya was to start around 12noon to 1pm, I started to feel positive effects like some negative veil was being lifted. According to your suggestion, I prepared myself that morning prepared myself for the first day of the yagya - remembering to be more inward and meditative and try to fast. I played some Mantras in the morning and burnt incense trying to connect energetically with what was about to happen.

Well the first sign occurred around 11.00am when I was actually payed a compliment by the main bully in the Committee. She complimented me on the report which I had written for the evening meeting. I was astounded. She had never before payed me a compliment. The other thing which happened was that the weekly morning meeting ran really smoothly which it hasn't thus far since early February. I immediately noticed the difference.

The next amazing thing was in the evening when I delivered my speech, I received many compliments from the audience not only about my speech but also about the wonderful job I am doing as President of the Committee. Lastly, the most surprising thing was when the Bully approached me in the lift, when we were tidying up at the end of the night, to tell me what a great job I am now doing!?!

The next day (today) I received another phone call from the other bully who rang me to say how much she appreciated my speech when I thanked the Committee for their hard work. She also apologized for having been harsh a few meetings ago! I could not believe my ears. I expected them to say that the speech was written to make myself look good yet this time they truly saw it for what it was, a genuine thank you for their work.

I know that these are the effects of the yagya and I can really feel them energetically. Gone is that fear element and that horrible anxiety which I was only feeling yesterday morning. I am now grateful for having had this experience as it has taught me so many great things. Firstly, I needed to feel this suffering on a personal and deep level to really get it. I would never have sought out a yagya at this level had it not been for the pain I was feeling. No amount of Vitamins, massages etc was going to shift that black burden that I was feeling. Secondly, I feel that I can now help others heal knowing what I have experienced and being a healer myself. I see this experience as a gift to be shared with others. I pray that my experience will convince others to trust in this amazing process which is steeped in such amazing tradition and antiquity. It has been tried and tried again for countless generations. You just have to trust in the process and go with it. Thirdly, it has confirmed my theory and approach in life which is that every bad (or so it seems) experience has a meaningful message.

Thank you Ganesh for putting me in touch with this beautiful way of healing and thank you for the organization and dedication that you give it. May you be blessed and thank you for sharing this special gift with me.

With love and appreciation,

Jana xxxx